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General Little League Rule Book

  • Pitching Distance - 35 feet
  • 11" Softball Used
  • Every player plays a minimum of two (2) innings on defense
  • Ten (10) players on defense; option to play nine (9) is at coaches discretion to be decided before the game
  • Base runners leave when ball crosses the plate
  • Must slide or avoid at home if there is a play

MLL Rules for Farms

  • Continuous batting order
  • Free substitution at all positions
  • Pitcher, first base, and third base must wear a face mask
  • All players must wear a heart guard
  • Five (5) run maximum per inning, excluding the bottom half of the last inning when the team is allowed to attempt a full comeback
  • Two (2) hour time limit for ALL games, don't start a new inning after 1:45
  • Pitchers can throw a maximum of three (3) innings per game.  (1 pitch=inning)
  • Until May 30:
    1. After four (4) balls, a coach will pitch until player hits the ball or strikes out
    2. Stealing only allowed on a clean catch by catcher
    3. One (1) bunt per inning
    4. After May 30th, no coach shall pitch until batter reaches ball 4 while bases are loaded
One (1) steal of home and two (2) steals on other bases per inning. Teams can also advance on pass balls twice (2) per inning
  • Catcher can have a courtesy runner after two (2) outs to speed up the game
  • Two (2) bunts per inning

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