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When Properly adjusted, a glove should fit fairly snugly. Allow room for a batting glove It is a good idea for most players to wear a batting glove inside their fielders glove to absorb moisture.

AgePositionGlove SIze 
 5-6General 10 to 10 1/2 (youth model)
 7-8General 10 1/2 to 11 (youth model)
 9-12General 11 to 11 1/2 (youth model)
 SeniorInfield11 to 11 1/2
 SeniorOutfield12 to 12 1/2



Below is a rough guide for bat selection. It is simply a place to start and depends not only on the size of the player but the level of competition (better pitching may require a lighter bat). It is better to err on the light side rather than the heavy side. Today's power hitters in the major leagues use lighter bats than power hitters of yesterday.

AgeWeight Minimum  Weight MaximumLength MinimumLegth Maximum
5-7 17 Ounces 19 Ounces 24 Inches28 Inches
819 Ounces 21 Ounces 27 Inches30 Inches
920 Ounces 23 Ounces 28 Inches30 Inches
1020 Ounces 23 Ounces 28 Inches31 Inches
1121 Ounces 24 Ounces 29 Inches31 Inches
1223 Ounces 25 Ounces 30 Inches33 Inches
13-1423 Ounces 28 Ounces 30 Inches33 Inches
15+ 24 Ounces 30 OUnces30 Inches34 Inches

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