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Regular Season Pitching Rules – Softball

(a) Any player on the team roster may pitch. EXCEPTION: A player who has attained a league age of twelve (12) is not eligible to pitch in the Minor League.

(b) Minors/Little League (Majors): A player may pitch in a maximum of twelve (12) innings in a day. If a player pitches in seven (7) or more innings in a day, one calendar day of rest is mandatory. Delivery of a single pitch constitutes having pitched in an inning.

If a player pitched in seven (7) or more innings on (Column A), that player can pitch again on (Column B):

Pitched OnCan Pitch Again

Junior/Senior League: No pitching restrictions apply.

NOTE: The local league Board of Directors or District may impose additional pitching limitations during the Regular Season and interleague.

Pitching Restrictions for 12 year olds participating in Majors and Junior League

For a 12-year-old participating in the Major and Junior League Divisions as permitted under Regulation IV(a), the pitching rules and regulations regarding days of rest that are pertinent to the division in which the pitcher is used will apply to that game. Innings pitched previously in both divisions are taken into account when determining the eligibility of the pitcher for a particular game, with respect to days of rest and number of innings available.

Example 1 – A player pitches seven innings in a Junior Division game on Sunday. On Monday, she has a scheduled game in the Major Division. She would not be eligible to pitch in that game because the Major Division regulations require her to have one calendar day of rest, as a result of pitching in more than six innings on the previous day.

Example 2 – A player pitches nine innings in a Major Division game on Sunday. On Monday, she has a scheduled game in the Junior Division, and she would be eligible to pitch in that game because the Junior Division has no pitching restrictions.

Example 3 – A player pitches in seven innings in a Junior Division game played on Sunday and has a Major Division game later that same day. The player would be limited to five more innings for the Major Division game (for a total of 12 innings in a day in the Major Division).

(c) Minor/Major: A pitcher remaining in the game, but moving to a different position, can return as a pitcher anytime in the remainder of the game but only once in the same inning as he/she was removed. A pitcher, withdrawn from the game offensively or defensively for a substitute, may not re-enter the game as a pitcher. Exception: See Rule 3.03(c). Junior/Senior League: A pitcher may be withdrawn from the game, offensively or defensively, and return as pitcher only once per inning provided the return does not violate the substitution, visits per pitcher, or mandatory play rule(s).

(d) Little League (Major) Division/Junior/Senior League: Not more than five (5) pitchers per team shall be used in one game.

(e) Violation of any section of this regulation can result in protest of the game in which it occurs. Protest shall be made in accordance with Playing Rule 4.19.


  1. The withdrawal of an ineligible pitcher after that pitcher is announced, or after a warm-up pitch is delivered, but before that player has pitched a ball to a batter, shall not be considered a violation. Little League officials are urged to take precautions to prevent protests. When a protest situation is imminent, the potential offender should be notified immediately.
  2. Innings pitched in games declared “Regulation Tie Games” or “Suspended Games” shall be charged against pitcher’s eligibility. NOTE 1: In suspended games resumed on a subsequent day, the pitchers of record at the time the game was halted may continue to pitch to the extent of their remaining eligibility for that day.
  3. Minors/Little League (Majors): If doubleheaders are played, the limitation of twelve (12) innings in a calendar day would apply to each pitcher. A pitcher who pitches in the first game may pitch in the second game provided that pitcher has eligibility remaining.
  4. There is no limit to the number of pitchers of a particular league age group on a team that can be used. EXCEPTION: A player who has attained a league age of twelve (12) is not eligible to pitch in the Minor League.

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