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Rules for the Coach Pitch Division

  1. All players in attendance are to bat in sequence and must play at least (6) consecutive outs in the field. No player should sit out defensively more than one inning unless every player on the team has sat out at least one inning, and so forth. Teams may play a maximum of ten defensive players at a time, with four outfielders. 
  2. Players must wear the team cap and shirt; baseball pants are required. No shorts are allowed.
  3. All games are to be played within the two hour time limit.
  4. Any game that ends in a tie should continue to play until a winner is determined or the two-hour time limit is reached.
  5. Strike Outs:
    1. No Tee is to be used in the Coach Pitch Division
    2. A batted ball must travel to and remain upon the infield grass or it is a foul ball.
    3. Called strikes
      1. After the sixth pitch, the umpire will get into position and call a reasonable strike zone for all remaining pitches until the batter puts the ball in play or has accumulated three strikes for an out.
  6. Running rules:
    1. A runner is allowed one base on any overthrow that goes out of the field of play. If, on an overthrow that goes out of the field of play, a runner is heading towards a base, they get that base plus the next base.
    2. On an overthrow to first base (only) the player who hit the ball (only) must stay at first base.
    3. After a ball is hit runners can advance until the ball is in the possession of an infielder and that infielder is in the infield. To be considered to be “in the infield,” the infielder cannot not be in foul territory and he or she must be inside the outfield grass. Runners more than halfway to the next base can advance to that base at their own risk. If a runner is less than halfway to the next base and the infielder holds the ball then the umpire should return them to the prior base once play is stopped.
    4. No runner may advance on a wild pitch or passed ball.
    5. A pitched ball hit over the fence for a Home Run will be counted as such.
  7. No more than 5 runs may be scored in an offensive inning, except during the sixth inning during which there is no limitation on the number of runs. Exception: if a Home Run results in more than five runs being scored, all such runs shall count regardless of the inning.
  8. During the game a maximum of two (2) defensive coaches are allowed on the field. Exceptions can be made by prior agreement between both teams before the game. Defensive coaches must remain in the outfield at all times.
  9. Managers and coaches must remain within the coach’s box. No base coach may lift, restrain, or place a runner on a base while the ball is in play. The player will be called out as a penalty for this violation as per LLB rules.
  10. Pitching will be performed by a coach of the offensive team. The pitcher must not attempt to assist or interfere with the ball once it is put into play. Should this happen, the umpire will call “No Play” and return all players to their previous positions. Coaches must begin their pitching motion no more than 10 feet in front of the regular LLB pitching rubber.
  11. There is no base stealing, bunting, or leading as prescribed by LLB rules.
  12.  The Infield Fly rule will be suspended for the Coach Pitch Division.
  13. Defensive Pitchers must be positioned behind or even with the pitching rubber; he or she must be within approximately 10 feet of the rubber, and he or she must wear a helmet while playing the Pitcher’s mound.
  14. Tag-up plays are allowed as per LLB rules.
  15. Defensive outfielders should be positioned at least approximately 10 feet behind the edge of the infield grass. No outfielder may make an out directly by tagging a runner or a base. An outfielder must deliver the ball to an infielder for the infielder to tag the runner or the base.
  16. In order to promote parity at the time of the draft, each Coach Pitch manager, at the end of each season, including Fall Ball, shall submit to the Player Agent a list of his or her players ranking those players from 1 to 5, with 1 being the best. Such lists shall be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Executive Board to ensure that it accurately reflects the skills of each player. Once reviewed said list shall be distributed to the incoming Coach Pitch managers at the draft. This list shall be confidential and shall be returned by the managers to the Player Agent at the completion of the draft.
  17. All players new to the Coach Pitch Division must attend a preseason tryout. Players who do not attend the preseason tryout shall be ineligible to be drafted at the draft, and shall be assigned to teams as needed by the Player Agent

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